From shed to showroom

From shed to showroom

In front of my house i have an eighty foot shed.

It was originally put up in the second world war,  this has been a mixed blessing for me in the twenty something years I’ve lived here, Firstly it blocks the view ( ironically my house is called the ‘view’, the only view i have is of the shed) There was always lots of space to store the bicycles and I even threw a party there once for my kids and invited the whole (small rural) school, there was also enough space to store junk, all those things that might just come in handy one day, I also had acquaintances asking to store a few bits there and because i’m obviously a bit too soft i  ended up with a full to bursting (eighty foot) shed, seriously there was a little path path that wound through a cavern of towering crap, now i like junk as much as the next person but it was beyond!

little by little i got it cleared until i was left with a relatively empty shed, it was in a bit of a state tho, the windows had mostly rotted with loose panes, it was time to sort it out and use it as a showroom for my painted furniture.

shed 1    shed 2

this is what it looked like when i started, the first job was to get some windows in, i was working on a strict budget of, well nothing really, but i was lucky enough to still have a load of reclaimed wood so after salvaging all the loose panes i et about making windows.

shed 3

my first window, 15 more to go.

shed 4

my lovely son in law brought me the insulation boards, and i made the frame out of a fence that someone was getting rid of.

shed 5     shed 6

Boards are up, starting to take shape.

shed 8    shed 9

papering the walls with lining paper.

shed 10        shed 11

Really starting to take shape now,  a builder guy brought me some light fittings that were being changed (never had lights before lol) starting to paint.

shed 12

Gotta do something about that floor tho.

shed 14     shed 15


‘Ooh me back’ but so worth it, my workshop is through that door at the back


My Showroom





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