Witch Balls


The witch ball is traditionally, but not always, green or blue in color and made from glass (others, however, are made of wood, grass, or twigs instead of glass). Some are decorated in swirls and brilliant stripes of various colors. Witch balls normally have a hole in the top where a peg can be inserted; string is then attached to the peg so the ball can be hung in a chimney or over a window.  The gazing balls found in many of today’s gardens are derived from the silvered witch balls that acted as convex mirrors, warding off evil by reflecting it away. (souce wikipedia)

Below is a selection of my witch balls made by painting inside the glass ball,

available in extra large, large, medium and small.

click on the image for details.

Large Witchballs

Exra Large Witchballs

Medium Witchballs

Small Witchballs

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